Privacy Policy

Gathered Information

The only time any information is collected about you is when you voluntarily enter it in on our site. We have a few subscription and download forms that ask for things such as emails, names, and other general information. None of the information you enter in on our site will ever be sold to other websites or companies.

Use of Gathered Information

We love to get feedback and comments from our readers. Therefore, most of our forms on our site have to do with hearing from you so that we can better our site. We will use the information you provide to us to help us make sure we are giving you what you want.

How Cookies Are Used

Websites use small data files called cookies to identify your computers. Medicare Beauty might use your cookies to track your activity on our site so that each experience you have will be tailored to you. Theses cookies also may be used for tracking certain metrics on our site. Examples of some metrics we might use cookies for are audience size, actions, and session duration. Cookies can also be created and accessed by third party advertisers. Medicare Beauty does not accept any liability for third parties’ cookies. You can access your cookies settings by viewing your web browser’s security settings.

External Parties

The email addresses and other personal information you provide on Medicare Beauty will never be sold to outside parties. You can rest assured knowing that your information is safe with us.

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