Best Places to Buy Inexpensive Home Decor

In retirement, we gain a lot of spare time. What better way to spend that spare time than to redecorate your home? Redecorating can get very expensive if you don’t know where to look. I have a few favorite places where I go to for my inexpensive home decor.

Each one of my top five favorite places for inexpensive home decor are listed below. They all offer greats discounts and have a variety of categories to choose from.

Join me on a virtual adventure to admire some of the best places to buy inexpensive home decor!


At home Inexpensive Home Decor

At Home is the new storefront of Garden Ridge. Although I enjoyed Garden Ridge, I love At Home even more. One of my favorite things about At Home is the fact that they do such an amazing job at coordinating their products with the current season.

At Home decor Inexpensive home decorThey have everything from small knick-knacks to big outdoor furniture. Shopping here could mean an all-day trip and your might end up needing a trailer to haul everything home. One day I went in for a new lamp and left with a queen size bedframe. That bedframe was originally only $100, but because it was discounted, I only spent about $70 after tax.

At home discount Inexpensive home decor

At Home makes finding discounts fun. They place signs throughout their store with barcodes and a colored slashed through them. Each colored slash determines a certain percentage off. For instance, a green slash sometimes me 70% off!



Hobby Lobby Inexpensive Home Decor

Of course, Hobby Lobby is mainly known for the crafts supplies. However, I have a slight addiction with Hobby Lobby when it comes to their home decor.

Farmhouse home decor Inexpensive home decorThis store is a great place for the latest home decor trend! Farmhouse style home decor has taken over and Hobby Lobby is the perfect place to find everything you need to make the image in your head come alive.

Unlike a few of the other places on this list, Hobby Lobby is constantly having sales. Around nearly every corner you will see a 50% off discount sign. They rotate their 50% discounts to different categories ever so often. So, if the piece you want isn’t 50% off currently, it will be eventually. While they’re rare, I have even seen discounts as much as 90% off before.

Hobby Lobby coupon Inexpensive home decor

Hobby Lobby has some of the most attainable coupons and they are usually always 40% off coupons. Very rarely have I have bought anything from Hobby Lobby without it being discounted either from the store discount or a coupon discount.




Tj maxx Inexpensive Home Decor

A recently new favorite place of mine to buy inexpensive home decor is TJ Maxx. This store has a wide assortment of products, but the home decor section is definitely my preferred part of the store.

Tj maxx Inexpensive home decorTJ Maxx doesn’t necessarily have discounts on top of their ticket prices because their products are already discounted. However, the prices you’ll see on the price tags are nearly jaw dropping. It’s amazing how low they get sometimes.

The selection of furniture they have at TJ Maxx is more on the modern side and is beautiful! If you like the more sophisticated look, TJ Maxx is a good start.




Marshalls homegoods Inexpensive Home Decor

Marshalls and HomeGoods recently conspired to interlock a few of their locations. Since TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods are all run by the same company, this was a smart more on their part.

HG furniture Inexpensive home decorThese two stores were beginning to be overrun by bigger warehouse type stores like At Home. Now that they are combined, they are able to offer lower prices which is a win for everyone, even the company. Ever since combining the two together, they have seen an astonishing increase in profits because of how much traffic has grown within the stores.

Marshalls HomeGoods is basically just a small version of At Home. Offering competitive prices and a well-rounded offering of products, Marshalls HomeGoods is a great place to find your inexpensive home decor.




Antique Shops

antiques Inexpensive home decorAntique shops can be overwhelming for some people, but I find them exciting. They’re overwhelming for some because of the cluster of items they have everywhere you turn. But if you’re able to zone in and dig through it all, you are bound to find pieces you love.

Shops like this are a great place to find some of the most inexpensive home decor. I have been able to find things as cheap as $5! One local antique shop even let me rent one of the bigger decorative pieces for a party once.


Redone Antique Inexpensive home decorAlso, if you like the “Do It Yourself” aspect of today’s world, you should definitely visit antique shops. If you’re looking for a project for your home make over you can find the base product here and then restore it to fit your style. Or, if you like the more vintage style, leave it as it.

If you are look for more “ready to go” pieces, antique shops may not be the place for you.


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