How to Stay Healthy: Tips That Can Save Your Life

The overall idea of being “healthy” in America is severely misconstrued. Most people think that in order to stay fit and healthy you have to live at the gym and only eat things that are green. Knowing the simple ways on how to stay healthy can literally save your life.

An astonishing eighty percent of Americans are considered to be physically inactive. That’s 260,560,000 people total. Absolutely mind blowing!

This issue in America is more important than just us being lazy. On average, the United States incurs 678,000 deaths every year due to diseases relating to poor health.

Diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes are all examples of diseases that these people could have prevented by simply living a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some ideas on how to stay healthy.

how to stay healthy

Diets Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

The term “diet” is thrown around like confetti now days. The fact of the matter is, you are more likely to quit a six-month diet within the first few weeks than you are to stick with it.

To diet means to begin a regimen of eating sparingly to reduce one’s weight. But losing weight isn’t what we’re talking about. We are talking about getting and staying healthy. Diet also means the type of food that someone habitually eats. This is what you should aim for.

Your goal shouldn’t be to diet for a few months. It should be to eat better, period. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Instead of making a diet change, make a lifestyle change. People who are fit and stay in shape, don’t go on these insane, unrealistic diets. They simply eat better than the rest of us.

how to stay healthyCheat Days Are Okay

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone is on a diet and I go to offer them something that isn’t part of the diet and they bite my head off! To the person on the diet, calm down. We aren’t offering you a bomb. And to the sweet person making a generous gesture, don’t fret, more for you!

It’s okay to have a few slip ups in your life, including your diet. If you continuously deny yourself a delicious snack every now and again, you will begin to resent your diet, and guess what…YOU’LL QUIT! And that’s not how to stay healthy.

Simplify Your WorkoutsHow to stay healthy

If you dread working out, don’t! There are many ways around going to the gym to lift weights and work yourself to death. For instance, we all watch Netflix, right? Well, it’s just as easy to walk around your neighborhood and watch Netflix on your phone as it is to sit on your couch and watch Netflix.

One of my favorite ways to “workout” is to trick myself into it. When I go to the outlet mall, I end up walking a couple of miles in a very short amount of time. And I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

Just get up and move. Sitting around is exactly how we have reached such an astonishing number of deaths due to poor health.

How to stay healthyTake the Stairs

I am a big fan of always taking the stairs. This is another way you can trick yourself into working out.

Now, if you have to travel up fifteen flights of stairs to get where you are going, I understand. Take the elevator!

Or if you have a serious health condition, take the elevator. However, if you have the choice between a few stairs and an elevator, take the stairs!

How to stay healthyCreate a Better Sleep Schedule

People these days blame their lack of energy on a lot of things and yes there can be many reasons why you’re so tired. One thing they don’t realize is that they go to bed at midnight every night just to wake up at five in the morning to start their day.

Some don’t even wake up until close to noon. Too much sleep can make you just as dreary as too little sleep.

A better sleep habit will make you more alert during the day. Even better than that, it will make you a happier person. You and the people around you will benefit for that.

Habits Are Easy to CreateHow to stay healthy: Form a habit

So do you know how to stay healthy? Form good habits. Some of the easiest habits to create are the worst kinds. Habits such as smoking, drinking, eating poorly, and being lazy are all quick and easy habits to form.

Do you know why?

Because we do them every day! That’s how you form a habit. You may start by saying, “I’ll just pick up some fast food on the way home.” Then a few days later, it happens again. And before you know it at least one of your meals everyday is a fast food meal.

Start with one goal at a time. Maybe choose trying to sleep better first. Commit to practicing that for a month of two. Once that habit has been formed, move to the next. Set realistic goals and don’t give up the first time to fail.



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