Makeup Tips for Older Women

Applying makeup is a tricky process regardless of how old you are. However, as we age the actual act becomes a little bit more difficult. Knowing how to do your makeup as you reach your golden years can keep you looking as young as you did ten years ago. These makeup tips could be just what you need for finding your love for makeup again.

Makeup Tips for Moisturizer

One of the most important keys to applying perfect makeup is your skin! That’s right, you need to first prepare your skin before you do anything.

The more mature our skin gets, the less oil it produces. Thus, making our face quite dry. Applying foundation to dry, cracked skin is basically pointless because your skin will end up looking worse than it did before by the end of the day.

That’s why moisturizer should be your best friend! We should get in the habit of applying moisturizer every day, but we should especially do it prior to putting our face on in the morning.

Makeup Tips for Primer

Now that our face is baby smooth (sort of), we can apply our primer. Primer is what will hold our makeup throughout the day. I don’t care what foundation you use, if you plan on wearing it from morning to night, if you don’t use a primer, it’s going to fade away.

Some primers even have a sun protection factor (SPF). Protecting our skin from the sun is a very critical thing, particularly in our older years.

The SPF feature is half the reason I even use primer. I’m not a huge fan of putting sunscreen on my face. To me, it’s icky. Not to mention it can clog your pores.

Makeup tips foundationMakeup Tips for Foundation

I feel that these first three tips are the most crucial makeup tips for older women, or for anyone for that matter. Without a good moisturizer, primer, and foundation you are already making it more difficult on yourself. These three things alone can make or break your makeup look.

There are quite a few foundations in the world that are specialized for more mature skin. I have picked out a few top-rated foundations to recommend.

  • Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector
  • Estée Lauder Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Serum

Although, each one of these foundations have their own different benefit, they are all great choices.

Bobbi Brown

The Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick is the most convenient option. Because it’s stick form, you are able to take it on the go and reapply it if needed. It’s also the least messy. Use the stick to apply the foundation to your face, then simply use a brush to blend it in.


Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector is great for covering those pesky wrinkles. Since it has the amazing ingredient, retinol, it also works to reverse those said wrinkles. The retinol increases your collagen production while you wear the foundation.

This is a foundation that we recommend you use a primer with SPF before applying. Although a fantastic ingredient, retinol causes sensitivity to the sun.

Estée Lauder

It’s in the name, “Anti-Aging”. Those two magical words can be what pulls you to this option. You might have heard of the remarkable Estée Lauder Perfectionist serum. This foundation is that, turned into a foundation.

This foundation will tighten up wrinkles and leave your skin looking much more plump and youthful. Another great aspect of this foundation is that it has SPF 25! That’s fantastic!

makeup tips brushesMakeup Tips for Makeup Brushes

Before we move on, let’s talk about the oh so important, brushes!

Picking out the perfect brushes for your products can sometimes be stressful, I know it is for me. The right brush depends on what type of products you are using. All the way from the type of foundation you use to the type of eye shadow, your brushes should reflect that.

Although there are many forms of brushes, there are two main types of brushes, synthetic and natural.

Natural Brushes

Natural Brushes are usually made from animal fur. As saddening as that is, they are still used for applying powder-based products.

People use natural brushes for these types of products because their bristles have cuticles. Cuticles make for an easier pick-up process of the powder. These brushes allow for a seamless blend on your face.

The properties that make these brushes good for powder products are the exact properties that make then a less than perfect choice for liquid products.

Synthetic Brushes

This style of brush’s popularity continues to grow as more people are going the vegan route. Synthetic brushes are made from manmade bristles such as nylon.

The synthetic fibers of these brushes sink together, creating a firmer foundation of bristles. With that said, I’m sure you can guess what type of product synthetic brushes should be used for. Yep, liquid! These brushes are ideal for working with the recommended foundations mentioned above.

makeup tips concealerMakeup Tips for Under Eye Concealer

No matter your age, if you don’t get enough sleep, you are bound to have dark circles under your eyes. And as many of you know, sleep seems to diminish as we age. This is why having a decent under-eye concealer is imperative for looking your best.

You want to make sure you aren’t clumping it on. If you used to much, it will look cakey and nobody wants that! Also, be careful on which type of powder you place over your concealer. You should use a setting powder, preferably a transparent one.

If you use your powder foundation over your under-eye concealer, the powder will settle into your fine lines and will emphasize the features you are trying to hide.

makeup tips contourContouring: Yes or No?

The main purpose of contouring is to have our face resemble a slimmer shape and accentuate certain features of our face.

However, when we reach our golden years, some of our faces begin to slim out due to the droopiness of our skin. This is why you should ask yourself, “Do I need to contour my face?”. If you already have a natural contour, you won’t want to add contour to it or you might make yourself look sickly.

Another reason why older women might not want to contour is because, well, basically, it takes a lot of extra time! This illusion sometimes just isn’t worth the time it takes to apply.

But, if you do decide to contour, start off light and build to the desired tone. It’s a lot easier to put more make up on than to take some makeup off.

makeup tips blushMakeup Tips for Blush

Applying blush is a pretty simple task, so I won’t take too long on it.

First thing first, please do not apply your blush right below your eyes! Blush is meant to go towards the bottom of the apple of your cheek. Try not to use too dark of shades or too bright of shades. Sometimes subtlety is key.

Makeup Tips for Eye Shadow

The color of eye shadow you should try to use depends on what color your eyes are. Remember the color wheel from elementary school? Well, it comes in handy when figuring out the perfect undertones you should look for in eyeshadow.

Usually, whatever color is directly opposite of your eye color on the color wheel is the shade of eye shadow you should apply. Of course, we don’t recommend green eyed people wear bright red every day, so don’t take this too literal.

Here are some examples of what shades go with certain eye colors.

makeup tips eye shadow

Makeup Tips for Eyeliner

The two types of eyeliner we’ll discuss are the two most popular, pencil and felt tip markers. I feel that these two versions of eyeliner are the easiest to handle. Therefore, making them great options for older women.

Personally, I like felt tip eyeliner markers, but I know many of you probably prefer the old-fashioned pencil version. Eyeliner pencils can be great, but for me to use a pencil it must be soft. Many pencils are very, well, pencil like and are too rough against my eyelids.

Felt tip markers on the other hand are very gentle. And you won’t have to worry about sharpening it over and over again. I hate that!

Makeup Tips for Mascara

Last but certainly not least, mascara! Some people go completely without any mascara at all. To me, personally, if you have your entire face made up and don’t have any mascara on, your look looks incomplete.

Although I think mascara is an essential part of makeup, I don’t think you should lather it on. Sometimes less is more. There are about three to four different shades of black in most mascaras. If you are hesitant to use mascara because you’re afraid of how dark it will make your eyes seem, try a lighter color.

To differentiate your look from day to day, try mascara on both top and bottom, then the next day try mascara just on your top eye lashes.



Now you have multiple ideas on how to do your makeup. These makeup tips may not be how you like to apply your makeup, they’re here if you’d like to give them a go.

Everyone has their own style when it comes to makeup. It’s good to be open to new tips and tricks. Who knows? You just might like it!

Leave a comment below with some of your favorite makeup tips!


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