8 Popular Hairstyles for Women Over 60

Aging means the inevitable change in our skin, body, and even our hair. However, there are many ways we can trick the mirror into thinking we’re still young. Keeping your hairstyles as fresh as possible can be a big step towards feeling young again.

As we age, most of our hair gets thinner, whiter, and frizzier. Knowing how to overcome these dilemmas when styling your hair can be some of the best advice you receive today!

Below we will talk about 4 different celebrities who are all over 60 years old that have popular hairstyles. Yes, they have hairstylists that create their look for them, but we will explain what tools you’ll need to recreate each hairstyle so that you can be your own hairstylist.

Christine Baranski‘s Hairstyles

She’s been in many great films and TV shows, such as Chicago, Mamma Mia, and The Big Bang Theory. Christine Baranski is a great role model for women over 60, as she continues to have young yet mature hairstyles.

One of our favorite styles of hers is her longer bob type hairdo. This hairstyle is great for women with nearly any hair type.

As long as you have a blow dryer and round brush, you can most definitely recreate this style in the comfort of your own home.

Another reason why you might want to consider this style is the length. If you live in the hotter states like Texas, Arizona, or Louisiana, this is a perfect length to have during those blistering summers.

Another great hairdo that she always rocks is the shorter, rounded bob. Coming in at just three inches shorter, this hairstyle is a good alternative to the first one we mentioned because of its low maintenance.

Not only is the style great, but the color is brilliant for women over 60. Blonde is the best way to camouflage those pesky grey hairs.

Also, if you love showing off your statement earrings, both of these hairstyles will showcase them perfectly.

Us women are always in a rush, so it’s important that we are able to get out of the house quickly. That’s another reason why we just absolutely love these styles. Both of these styles could potentially take you just a few minutes to create.


Glenn Close‘s Hairstyles

Glenn Close won us over through many roles. However, one of our favorite roles of hers in the villainous part of Cruella de Vil. She was by far the best Cruella de Vil.

Although her hair while acting as Cruella was never immaculate, Glenn Close herself, has fantastic hair. Glenn is a great celebrity to look to for hair inspiration for those of us who have thinner hair.

The first hairdo of hers we have is a slightly longer, wispier version of Christine’s. With a bottle of hair spray and a straightener, you are sure to be able to mimic this popular hairstyle.

Glenn is not one who is scared of change. She has had many jumps from short to long hairstyles. That’s why we believe her to be another great role model for women over 60. She keeps things interesting by never staying in the same routine for too long when it comes to her hair.

Possibly one of the easiest hairstyles to recreate is Glenn’s boy-cut with side swiping bangs.  With the right hair, this hairstyle could be one where you can roll out of bed, brush down the flyaways and walk out the door.

And this color! This color is more of an honest color. Without being too blonde where you can tell it’s been altered, it allows for some of her natural greys to show through.

As older women, we shouldn’t be embarrassed of our grey hairs. We should flaunt them. They are a sign of wisdom, right? Don’t be scared of the grey hairs, they’re there to stay.


Jane Fonda‘s Hairstyles

Not only a wonderful actress, but also an anti-war and civil rights activist, Jane Fonda is a role model for many reasons. However, we’ll just talk about her hair.

It’s hard to believe that Jane is 80 years old! She doesn’t look a day over 60. Perhaps it’s partially because her hair is always so vibrant!

The first style of hers is a cute pixie hair cut with some spiky bangs. All you would need really would be a straightener and a little bit of hair spray. Depending on how many layers you have, this hairstyle could take a little longer than the others.

This hairstyle works best with people who have naturally straight hair, however, even those with curls could use this hairdo as an inspiration as well.

Another favorite hairstyle of ours is Jane’s longer, slightly curled hairdo. This style gives a more elegant feel without having to worry about your curls falling by the end of the day. Since the curls are small and towards the bottom of the hair, some hair spray should be able to hold them in place for the entirety of the day.

Since many women curl there hair now days with a straightener, you have options as far as which tools you need to recreate this style. You could use a curling iron, a blow dryer with a rounded brush, or even a straightener.

If you haven’t noticed already, we have a trend going with the blonde hair color. That’s because it truly is one of the best colors to hide those annoying grey hairs that seem to multiply each day.

Susan Sarandon’s Hairstyles

The Louise of Thelma and Louise, Susan Sarandon continues to win over our hearts by investing in her roles in a nearly perfect way. She also wins us over with her fabulous curls.

Susan continuously shows us how you can rock the frizz that we accumulate over time. As we get older, messing with those hot tools can become exhausting. For those of us with naturally curly hair, we can get a break from the heat.

With just a spray that helps perfect your curls, this hairstyle could take you two minutes to create.

Even though Susan loves her curls, she isn’t afraid to go straight every now and again. When her hair is straighter, her blonde highlights stand out stunningly.

This is another trick on how to hide grey hairs. If you don’t want to go full blonde, just add some blonde highlights here and there. That way the rest of the grey hair will just look like it’s a highlight.

Her straighter hairdo could be reinvented with just a blow dryer. Sure, you might need a round brush, but sometimes blow dryers create the curl at the bottom on their own. And since Susan isn’t one to ever go super short, if you enjoy having your longer hair, choose her as your hair inspiration.

All of these women are great people to look back at when needing new ideas for hairstyles. If you are over 60 and are in a slump and don’t know what to do with your hair that is truly showing your age, refer back to this post.

We as women, have more ways to manipulate others into thinking we are actually younger than we are. Unlike men, who don’t have nearly as many hair products and tools.

Don’t think just because you’ve past 60 that it’s all down hill from there. These are truly our golden years!


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